I’ve not yet met designer Henrik Vibskov, in fact, but I did get to chat with Danish rock star/dj/producer  Anders Trentemøller whom he toured with last year during his phenomenal Coachella tour, so I guess that I do have 1 degree of separation, which is pretty damn cool. I’ve always been a fan of his abstract and avant garde fashion, so i was  blown away when I heard he would be sessioning with the band.  Here’s a little quote from Anders, on his time with Henrik.

“Its funny, I didn’t know he was famous when I met him. We were just jamming with friends one night, really drunk. It was later that I went to a local shop and saw his name on all the clothes that I realized. It was nice for him to take a break from fashion and have music as a creative outlet. The fashion world can be very superficial sometimes.”

From the release, “Henrik Vibskov is the first comprehensive presentation of his remarkably multifaceted creative vision. Many of the enlightening texts and project descriptions are written by Vibskov himself. They offer deeply personal insight into the twisted yet tantalizing worlds that he creates on a daily basis.

Forty years ago Henrik Vibskov was born in the backcountry of Denmark. Ten years ago he founded his fashion label whose acclaimed collections are now shown regularly at international shows such as Paris Men’s Fashion Week. In addition, Vibskov keeps himself occupied touring as the drummer of various musical projects. His art has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world including MoMA PS1 and Sotheby’s Gallery in New York, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Akira Ikeda Gallery in Nagoya, and the ICA in London.

One does not need to understand Vibskov’s work in order to instinctually grasp how relevant it has become for the future of art and fashion. Capturing his incomparable skill at melding and staging concept, space, and object, this monograph is inspirational for anyone working creatively.”

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