Originally written for Casiestewart.com

Black pantsuits were de rigueur at the Chloé Comme Parris’ Fall/Winter 2012 show.  If it wasn’t a pants suit, it was bauble-studded epaulettes on three quarter length black latex inspired bondage tops, beige sheer blouses (with more studs) or aggro trench coats worthy of any self-respecting trench coat mafia.

The second movement showed off their outerwear collection that accessorized  with what was either mink,  coyote , or some other Nordic animal’s pelt embedded as collars or as full-length, high-shouldered vests.  The Celtic braided headdress style, combined with the edgy fairy-like gowns left more than a few fans wondering if  the Chloé Comme Paris sisters (Chloe & Parris) might have spent a good time of the last year watching Game Of Thrones on repeat.


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