I got snared into going to the Gladstone Hotel for New Year’s Eve the other week and the only thing that made the stupid 40$ cover charge justifiable was that I would be seeing one of my favourite Canadian Fool’s Gold Record’s DJ teams rock the house.  In anticipation of the night, I did some googling, and lo and behold, it turns out that the god damn interview that I did with them for AOL Spinner’s SXSW preview coverage a year back is quoted on their wiki page, aaand i’m the only journo quoted. You’d think that they’ve had some better press out there, but I’m not complaining :)

Well, it’s nice and all, but i think this new JOT5 EP album cover and album preview probably has a bit of a broader appeal.


Killing Jokes 1


Black Mountie


In Order To Trance


Organized Zounds


Killing Jokes II


But just to prove that I’m not messing about. ( click to enlarge ;)

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